No Damn Good Skate is a 3,000 sq.ft.  facility, in Montreal at 2105 old orchard. Pro-shop, small street course and a “L” shaped bowl.  The 1,700sf bowl consists of a 7 feet pool section with pool coping, a 4 and 5 feet area all linked up by corners, a hip, waterfalls, a taco and a over vert pocket.

Riley Boland says “The NoDamnGood bowl is quite possibly the best wood bowl I’ve ever skated.” he goes on to say, “The insane waterfalls that flow out of the middle into the deeper ends makes it a challenge for everyone to shred!  The clam pocket that nearly touches the roof is something everyone needs to cruise through!  Definitely a solid well built ramp that I would LOVE to skate everyday if I could!!!!!!!!”


 Another video from  Color Magazine